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1.- One taco, two enchiladas and rice.
2.- One taco, one enchilada and one chalupa.
3.- One taco, one enchilada and one chile relleno.
4.- Two tacos, one enchilada and chile con queso with beef.
5.- Two enchiladas, rice and refried beans.
6.- One beef enchilada, one taco, rice and refried beans.
7.- One enchilada, one chile relleno, rice and refried beans.
8.- One enchilada, one tamale, rice and refried beans.
9.- One beef enchilada, one chalupa and rice.
10.- Two tacos, rice and refried beans.
11.- One beef burrito, one taco and one enchilada.
12.- One chalupa, one chile relleno and refried beans.
13.- One enchilada, one burrito and one chile relleno.


14. One taco, one chile relleno and one chalupa.
15.- One burrito, one enchilada and one tamale.
16.- One chalupa, one chile relleno and one burrito.
17.- One burrito, one enchilada, rice and refried beans.
18.- One chalupa, one chile relleno and one enchilada.
19.- One chalupa, one burrito and one enchilada.
20.- One chile relleno, one taco, rice & refried beans.
21.- One taco, one burrito and one chalupa.
22.- One burrito, one chile relleno and one taco.
23.- One taco, one burrito, rice & refried beans.
24.- One chile relleno, one burrito and rice.
25.- One chalupa, one taco and one tostada.

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